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• The blade of this premium quality Seam
Ripper is produced on Japanese machinery, ensuring this steel blade is finely sharpened and ground to perfection.
• Used for many and varied sewing and generai uses such as quick unpicking as well as for neat cutting open of button holes
• Make short work of all sewn seams, straight or overlocked, with this handy, indispensable tool.
• Slip the clear plastic cover over the blade when not in use
• Non-slip, soft-grip handle enchances comfort and grip

• To unpick seams - slide the seam ripper under a stitch to cut the thread. Repeat every 2-4cm along the seam, then pull out thread on the underside.
• To unpick overlocked seams, first slide the blade through the upper and lower looper threads. Then unpick seam as above.
• To cut open buttonholes - place a pin vertically through buttonhole at one end just inside the bar tack stitching, starting at the other end, insert the seam ripper between the stitching lines and push towards the pin.

Take care when sliding blade between fabrics, it is very sharp. Adult supervision is recommended for this product.

Hemline Large Seam Ripper

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